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Вы искали: 3d projection mapping. К сожалению, такой статьи пока нет на нашем сайте, но можно попросить написать ее наших посетителей. При желании, Вы сами можете разместить на сайте информацию на тему: 3D Projection Mapping: 10 Jaw-Dropping Examples [VIDEOS]3d video mapping3d projection mapping, можно посмотреть на этих сайтах:

  1. mashable.com - 3D Projection Mapping: 10 Jaw-Dropping Examples [VIDEOS] - Generating extra buzz around marketing campaigns worldwide is 3d projection mapping, a relatively new technology that animates stationary objects with 3d video. With added sound effects and music, the result is a remarkable and immersive experience.
  2. www.projectorcentral.com - Creative Projection about 3D projection mapping - What's one way to show your wares without taking up space to store them? Employ the services of a good 3d projection mapper. I can't stop thinking about all the possibilities for projectors and creative projection mapping in the retail arena.
  3. en.wikipedia.org - 3D projection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
  4. createdigitalmotion.com - Learn “3DProjection Mapping, From the Start, with vvvv [Video] - He also gives away a lot of his tools (see GitHub, below). And now he’s giving away some of his knowledge, not only for projection mapping, but what he calls “3D projection mapping.” More on that in a moment, but first, let’s review his work
  5. socialtimes.com - 3D Projection Mapping Taking The Advertising World By Storm - SocialTimes - 3d projection mapping has recently emerged as one of the coolest forms of advertising, with big companies like Nokia, Samsung and BMW projecting beautiful 3d video displays on buildings around the world and sharing their campaigns on the web.
  6. www.digitalbuzzblog.com - Samsung 3D Projection Mapping In Amsterdam | Digital Buzz Blog - If you thought the last few projection mapping examples I posted were amazing, then check this out. Samsung have just run three nights of an amazing 3d projection mapping installation in Amsterdam...
  7. videomapping.tumblr.com - Video Projection Mapping - Imagineers in Exile - projection mapping storytelling by a dandypunk.
  8. graduate.mica.edu - Projection Mapping | gradlab - Projection-mapping techniques allow you to paint real world using a simple video projector.
  9. www.driveproductions.co.uk - Video Projection Mapping (3D/4D projection mapping) - Drive Productions - Theatricality and technology combine in groundbreaking 3d and 4d video projection mapping. Projection mapping is an experience which goes beyond the event itself. Using beautiful content and characters to transform buildings...
  10. www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com - 12 MUST SEE 3D Projection Mapping Examples - On 22, 23 & 24 November 2010, H&M brought their flagship store in Amsterdam to live with a 3d projection mapping on the historic building. For over 3 minutes, guests and a gathered crowd enjoyed a surreal fairytale of light and magical effects.
  11. limelightprojection.com - Limelight 3D projection mapping - Home - We create different kinds of light installations on public spaces using high power projectors. Sometimes it’s an outdoor exhibition of lightpaintings another time a 3d projection mapping on a building’s facade or an event decoration but there is something that always remains.
  12. vimeo.com - Adidas France - 3D Mapping Projection on Vimeo -
  13. www.weltlighting.com - 3d Video Projection Mapping Tutorial | Weltlighting.com - 3d video mapping projection surface. After finding the right projector you will have to build the surface on which you will project your animation. Very interesting lighting projects can be created just using a simple piece of paper.
  14. sp-projects.co.uk - projection mapping/3D projection mapping - Our 2d and 3d teams have been creating projection animations and incredible illusions for many years and will be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements with you. We will produce a story board from your brief. Then, using the 3d model from our survey team we create a unique 3D-mapped animation...
  15. stackoverflow.com - opengl - 3D Projection Mapping - Stack Overflow - 3d Projection Mapping. up vote 3 down vote favorite. 1. I'm trying to use a common LCD projector to shine an image onto a simple 3d shape, but do it in a repeatable way. What I need: My simplest example is, I place a cube on a table, place a projector attached to a tripod some distance away...
  16. projectionmappings.com - Projection mappings - Projection mapping - On the other hand we believe that 3d projection mapping is much more than that and we try to create our mappings in a way that people feel that they didn’t only see a spectacular show but they also experience something unique which was especially made for them.
  17. 3dprojectionagency.com - 3d Projection | 3d Projection Mapping | 3d Projection Services - Pearl Media is considered an industry leader in 3d Projection mapping and employees a staff of highly trained professionals that are skilled in every facet of 3d projection and 3d mapping. Bring your concepts to us and let Pearl Media bring them to life.
  18. projectionmappings.eu - Limelight 3D projection mapping - Hello and Welcome to Limelight Projection. We're creators of 3d projection mapping shows and videomapping installations. Feel free to read more About us and check our Portfolio.
  19. www.geekologie.com - Crazy 3D Projection Mapping On Moving 2d Surfaces | Geekologie - This is a verrrrrrry worthwhile video of some beautiful/trippy projection mapping on two moving white boards that make them appear like 3d objects. I suck at explaining things though so you're really just going to have to watch the video to understand.
  20. www.digplanet.com - Learn and talk about 3D projection, 3D computer graphics, 3D imaging, Display devices, Euclidean solid geometry - A demonstration of 3d Projection mapping that Arkbell did. With 3d Projection Mapping, you can make different images using solid objects.


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