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Вы искали: 3d video mapping. К сожалению, такой статьи пока нет на нашем сайте, но можно попросить написать ее наших посетителей. При желании, Вы сами можете разместить на сайте информацию на тему: NuFormer - 3D Video Mapping Projection on Buildings on Vimeo3d бесплатно3d video mapping, можно посмотреть на этих сайтах:

  1. vimeo.com - NuFormer - 3D Video Mapping Projection on Buildings on Vimeo -
  2. en.wikipedia.org - Projection mapping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
  3. 3dvideomapping.net - Ivo3d's official website | 3D animation and visual effects for high resolution projection – 3D videomapping, architectural and stage-projection - Az Object mapping a Video Projection mapping egy irányzata. Felhasználási területei többek között színpadi díszletek, videóstúdió felvétel hátterek, speciális filmes effektek, művészeti installációk. A workshopon a résztvevők egy projekt összeállításán keresztül megtanulják a 3 dimenziós szoftverben a...
  4. tag.wonderhowto.com - 3d Mapping Video « Wonder How To - How to Use pelt mapping in 3d Studio MAX Pelt mapping is the technique in 3d Studio MAX by which you can remove the "skin" from an image and stretch it out flat to work with it, like the pelt of a fox except that you can put it back on! This video will teach you how to use pelt mapping yourself in three parts.
  5. www.lci-uk.com - 3D Video Mapping - 3d Video Projection mapping on a Supermodel? It's not just for Large Buildings. Ask LCI about Innovative PR!
  6. www.weltlighting.com - 3d Video Projection Mapping Tutorial | Weltlighting.com - 3d Video Projection mapping is an astonishing projection technology that allows to create dynamic displays out of any surfaces. High Tech software is used to distort any projected image in order to fit perfectly the uneven shaped...
  7. www.videomapping.eu - Video mapping Projection 3d - MAPPINGVIDEO 3D - Videomapping on building 3DMapping projected 3d mapping Building - VIDEOPROJECTION ON CAR - Video mapping OBJECT.
  8. www.craftymind.com - HTML5 Video 3D - 3d manipulation of HTML5 video, best viewed in webkit based browsers. Return to Craftymind Article Due to popular request, the ogg video is now 640 x 360, don't hold me responsible for crashing your browser
  9. reuthers.com - 3D Video Mapping | Reuthers Media tailored presentations - The new 3d Video mapping transforms buildings and locations into new worlds. The options of this new technique are unlimited. Please ask for your tailored solutions for your next presentation / event.
  10. mashable.com - 3D Projection Mapping: 10 Jaw-Dropping Examples [VIDEOS] - Generating extra buzz around marketing campaigns worldwide is 3d projection mapping, a relatively new technology that animates stationary objects with 3d video. With added sound effects and music, the result is a remarkable and immersive experience.
  11. www.videomapping.hu - Videomapping - Projects - Building Projection. Carmapping. 3d Dance Show. Click on the logo for the video. CitroenCarmapping. Costumer
  12. videomapping.tumblr.com - Video Projection Mapping - The Saks Fifth Avenue Snowflake & the Bubble projection show is bigger and even more spectacular for 2011. The 3d Projection mapping show runs every night for 5 hours, from Nov 21st till Jan 6th. Making it one of the longest outdoor Video mapping experiences in the world.
  13. www.dailymotion.com - Adidas Mapping 3D by mapp3d videomapping - Vìdeo Dailymotion - The presentation included a Video mapping (Mapp3d Videomapping) that looked back through Spain's successes since 2008, when 'La Roja' won the European Championships in Austria and Switzerland...
  14. www.digitalbuzzblog.com - NuFormer 3D Video Mapping Interactivity Test | Digital Buzz Blog - Here is a demo video of their latest technology which shows new interactive techniques combined with 3d video mapping. This latest addition of technology adds to the experience of the spectators by letting them interact with the projection.
  15. www.engadget.com - 3D mapping drone fires lasers from a mile away (video) - You'll find video and imagery of the results this machine kicks out after the break.
  16. createdigitalmotion.com - Learn “3D” Projection Mapping, From the Start, with vvvv [Video] - What I’d describe as ’3D projection mapping’ is the act of re-projecting a virtual 3d object onto its real world counterpart using a video projector*. Thereby all of the features of the real object which are visible from the point of view of the projector have an image projected onto them...
  17. www.nuformer.com - NuFormer » 3D video mapping - Philips revealed its new logo to all its employees and press worldwide with a spectacular 3d video mapping show projected on the massive façade of the headquarter building. The mapping projection was produced and performed by NuFormer.
  18. www.worldstage.com - 3D Video Mapping Enables Projection on Moving, Unconventional Surfaces - In the video mapping process, variances in surface color and contour are evaluated, taken into account and in effect canceled out. 3d video mapping can be employed when projecting onto stationary surfaces such as building facades and on moving objects.
  19. www.metacafe.com - 3D Video Mapping Projection Brings Buildings Alive - Video - So Alive - Love and Rockets (Music Video).
  20. windweb.by - 3d-video-mapping - The original effect of technology "video mapping" (other names: 3d projection, video mapping, projection mapping) - a technology projecting video onto the surface of the object in view of its geometry and location in space.


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